Cats & Misc Pets

 Our cattery provides our kitties with a separate room all to themselves.  They reside in custom-built kitty condos and are able to explore their new area, enjoy catnip, and play with cat spa toys.

IMG 1456

Kitty Condos

So proud of my husband, Jerry, for building these kitty condos.  It provides a private place for them to sleep and eat.  It even has a little hiding place with a cushy bed.

IMG 6763

Climbing boxes

Ms. Tux is enjoying being up high and getting a view.


AM & PM condo tidy

Temperature-controlled environment 

Human interaction

Feline food - Wholesome cat or you may bring your own.  

Cost:  $10 / night

Vaccinations:  Distemper & Rabies required  

Other Pets:

All of our staff are animal lovers at heart, so we have enjoyed keeping other pets before such as birds, rabbits, and even mice.  If you have a unique pet who needs care as well, we would be happy to discuss that on an individual basis.

                      For pet boarding or a grooming appointment, please call  (330) 868-7823

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